HybridOne 4G is a professional connectivity solution in for vessels that depend on a reliable 4G connection while at sea.

Two marinized 4G MiMo antennas in combination with a dedicated 4G modem are making sure that you receive your internet traffic up to 40 nautical miles from shore, which is a big advantage compared to standard 4G routers.

Product Information


  • Pricing starts at 299,- euro including hardware, airtime and management platform
  • Based on SD-WAN topology
  • Starterpackage includes 100GB 4g data
  • 4G/5G router
  • 2 x Marinized High gain MiMo 4G antennes
  • Cloud based management platform included for network management at shore


  • No coverage outside 4G coverage

The management portal is just incredible.

It gives the shipping company the insights they need to offer reliable and secured networks to their crew and staff for all kinds of applications. Block unwanted websites or traffic, set QOS on VoIP and manage your firewall with smart algorithmes to steer your traffic the right way. All can be done from just one clear portal that contains all your vessel in 1 view.

You cannot have too much data!

Therefor the standard airtime package is 100GB per vessel, which you can scale up and down any time you want during the contract.
And when you have more vessels connected on our platform, the data is pooled into one bundel giving your maximum flexibility in your fleet.

No secrets, No surprises. You are in control!

We developed hardware and airtime solutions for every type of vessel. The best thing is that we offer standard monthly subscriptions including hardware and airtime with one important promise. No billshock and maximum control.

WAN Connection included
4G mobile (5G ready)
Allowance 4G
Financial options
Standard Support
Network management
Network Control Software

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