HybridOne: Your Digital Lifeline

HybridOne wants to make a substantial contribution to the digital revolution and to new, reliable and secure ecosystems to make shipping cleaner, more competitive and more attractive to work in!

Maritime processes smarter, safer and more friendly for the environment

The maritime industry is changing rapidly. Technological developments, climate challenges and economic pressure are the drivers for a data revolution. Data consumption at sea will explode in the coming years.

A huge stream of data will find its way across the internet. This information makes business-critical, maritime processes smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Ships are connected via different broadband connections, such as 4G and satellite giving 100% uptime!

Cybersecurity of vital importance

Business-sensitive information will have to be shared confidentially and discreetly via the internet. A hacker can intercept fairly easily loading documents over an unsecured connection and thus determine the value of a load.

A cyber criminal who has entered your network via the internet can access all electronic systems of a ship. A hacker with terrorist motives may try to take over ships to force collisions or shut down ports. Of course with economic and ecological consequences.

Cyber ​​criminals are getting smarter, but cyber security systems on board and a shore are becoming smarter also.

The shipping company has real-time insight into the entire network and receives reports of a potential hacking attack before it takes place.

New applications in the field of remote support, remote asset management, on-board monitoring and live crew entertainment are added daily.

Sensors, hardware, software, ships, offices and employees are connected and new digital ecosystems make shipping cleaner and more efficient. HybridOne wants to play an imporant part of this digital journey in the maritime industry by offering the most secure and reliable internet connection at sea.


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